10 Graphs To Make You A Beef Expert In 5 Minutes


Because we love to learn new things, we’re big fans of infographics, and we had 5 minutes to spare. You too could be a beef expert! And did we mention the wine pairing graph?!

1. Beef Cuts and Recommended Cooking Method


Get yourself familiar with all the cuts of your favourite meats and learn the recommended methods to cook them with these useful graphics.

For figuring out what to do with the random cut of beef that happened to be on sale

2. How to Tell if Your Red Meat is Done


via lifehack.org

3. Beef 101


So obviously we are thinking about tailgating and our favorite type of meat: BEEF. We found this great infographic about Beef, so we decided to share this great infographic about Beef.

via grillingwithrich.com

4. Definitive Guide to the perfect steak


via visual.ly

4. How Long will the meat keep?


via web.extension.illinois.edu

5. Where food goes on the grill


We’ve provided you with a simple illustration that should answer all of your questions about where food goes on the grill. Print it out, tape it up on your fridge.

via foodrepublic.com

6. Smoking times and temperatures


via visual.ly

7. The different grades of boneless ribeye


via amazingribs.com

8. This infographic will have you to become a grill master


via lifehacker.com

9.The Economics of America’s favourite food


via visual.ly

10. Wine Pairing for your backyard BBQ


via vinepair.com

On warm days and nights, there is nothing quite like a backyard BBQ. The smells of charcoal, smoke and meat cooking over an open flame are some of the most iconic scents of summer. But a great backyard BBQ would not be complete without great wine to wash down all the food. To help you take your BBQ to the next level, we’ve selected five of the most popular wine varietals out there, and paired them with some of the most popular BBQ dishes.


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