10 Tips From The Pit Master — Josh Ozersky


1. “Anyone that can’t grill well on a Weber isn’t a real grill cook.”

2. “If you can’t get wood you can use lump hardwood charcoal, which is the next best thing.”

3. “Cooking meat on a barbecue means not being afraid of leaping, volcanic flames.”

4. “Barbecue should never be exposed to radiant heat, and the smoke should flow freely.”

5. “The essence of understanding barbecue is understanding air. Where it is, how fast it flows, how little gets in, how much gets out, how dry it is, how moist it is.”

6. “The only ingredients that truly matter in barbecuing – beyond the quality of the meat, of course – are smoke and time.”

7. “Everything cooked outdoors, and most everything cooked indoors, requires copious shower of kosher salt on every side of it – way more than you think.” image

8. “Barbecue was invented for cooking tough, fatty meats, and that’s still what is best for it.”

9. “Never use gas for any reason under any circumstances.”

10. “I would no more cook on a gas grill than I would have a dinner party in the death house at San Quentin prison.”


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