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Potato Bombs Are da BOMB!


Nothing goes better with meat, than potatoes!   Am I right?  You know I’m right!Get yourself a five or even ten pound bag of quality potatoes and a bunch of ingredients you can use for stuffing like sausage, butter, garlic,

10 Graphs To Make You A Beef Expert In 5 Minutes


Who doesn’t love the taste of a tender steak fresh off the grill? A great-tasting steak begins with a good cut of meat. Use this guide to get the meaty details you need! And did we mention the wine pairing

10 Best Grill Recipes of 2017


2017 was great and we have seen some incredible recipes and concoctions for the grill and smoker come our way over the last year…that’s for sure!  So now its time to take a look at 10 of the best and most

The Food Lab: The Best Way To Grill Sausages


Haven’t you ever wished that your juicy pork chops were perfectly seasoned all the way to the center? Or that your tender pork tenderloin were just a bit juicier and fattier? Or maybe that your flavorful, smoky ribs had a

Heavenly St. Louis Style Rib Recipe


Anytime is a great time for St. Louis Style ribs!  Our Boys are here to help you to start with a full rack of ribs from the butcher and properly trim (with a ‘saw all’, at times) and then mix

Extreme Steak: Wild And Crazy Ways To Get A Killer Sear


In my article on how to make great steakhouse steaks I discuss the importance of getting a good sear on the exterior and how to do it best. Here are four offbeat methods that work amazingly well: The Afterburner Method,

7 Old Wives’ Tales About Cooking Steak That Need To Go Away - 22

I dread the summer. I truly do. It’s not that I don’t like the weather (who doesn’t like sunshine in the day and breezy decks in the evening?). It’s not the hordes of school kids roaming the streets with abandon.



Perhaps you’ve been inspired by a recent Game of Thrones marathon and fancy chowing down on somedelicious spit roast meat. But, it’s cold outside, so much so that it almost resembles the bleak frozen wastelands of the northern reaches of

Live Fire: Next-Level Grilling Tips and Recipes


Baby Back Pork Ribs With Milanese Rub. Ribs take forever and a day on the grill, but ribs from the oven lack a certain smokiness. Michael Chiarello combines the two techniques for killer flavor and party-day efficiency. The trick is

How to Grill a Big Pork Chop for a Crowd – Bon Appétit


 The next time you’re grilling for a crowd, skip the individual pork chops and opt for a massive, triple-cut pork chop cooked to share. We don’t just love a cut of meat this big because it looks good (though that

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