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11 Things Every Serious BBQ Lover Knows To Be True


1. Meat is the only vegetable you need. NBC / Via 2. “Too much sauce” is not a real thing. WWE / Via 3. No matter how seemingly ridiculous, every contraption that helps you make BBQ is worth owning. 4. There’s no such thing as

5 rookie grilling mistakes and how to avoid them


No one wants to take a bite of a freshly grilled burger and taste not meat, but soot and lighter fluid. And who likes chowing down on overcooked patties after sweating over a hot grill. Don’t worry! We can help.

Top 10 Books on Barbecue

old, grunge wood panels used as background

By Julia Craggs You’ve got all the kit, but can you come up with the goods? From iconic US smokehouses to London restaurateurs, we’ve been busy reviewing books dedicated to the sacred art of the barbecue, so you can rub, grill

Everything You Need To Know About Prime Rib


Even though it’s one of the most classic cuts, most of us know next to nothing about standing rib roast AKA prime rib. The New York Times recently wrote about a resurgence in the cut and how more and more restaurants

America’s most influential BBQ pitmasters and personalities


Humans being smart, the first thing they probably did after discovering fire was to throw some meat over it. So America may not be the birthplace of barbecue. It’s just the place where barbecue become perfect. A handful of people

Texas BBQ Master Aaron Franklin Shows How to Make Perfect Homemade Brisket


Anthony Bourdain, Kanye West, President Obama and pretty much everyone who’s ever visited Austin all have one thing in common: they’ve all been swept up in a Franklin frenzy. Patrons line up for three or more hours just to get



BBQ ribs are one of my favorite cuts to smoke. Between the shorter cook times and easy prep you can have great smoked ribs on your table in no time. Aaron Franklin’s BBQ rib recipe provides a great method to

Franklin Barbecue Meat Manifesto’s Beef Ribs


The following recipe is taken from the Franklin Barbecue Meat Manifesto Cookbook by Aaron Franklin, Jordan Mackay. If I had to name my own personal favorite cut of barbecue, it would probably be beef ribs. They are the richest and the

8 countries, 8 different styles of BBQ


KARACHI:  While we can’t pinpoint the exact origin of the barbecue practice we do know that the Indian subcontinent has been using tandoors for as long as we know. No wonder our senses perk up at the slightest aroma of

Do You Know the Difference Between Texas Brisket and Regular Brisket?


Brisket is cut from the breast section just below the chuck (there are two per carcass), and consists of two distinct areas separated by a layer of fat. The point (also called the deckle) is the richly marbled, fatty section

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