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The Smokey Goodness of BBQ Beef Ribs


That’s right campers, it’s smoked rib time once again!  I know you love it, you know you love it, cause it never, ever gets old!  Low & slow smoked beef ribs, with fall off the bone meat that will bring

10 Best Grill Recipes of 2017


2017 was great and we have seen some incredible recipes and concoctions for the grill and smoker come our way over the last year…that’s for sure!  So now its time to take a look at 10 of the best and most

Game Time Party Wings


Everyone just loves a smoked wing to have during that tailgate or home football party.  Heck, we even smoke wings without any game goin’ on! Take a good look at this video – you can definitely get crispy wings from

The History of Smoked Brisket


What you know about the history of smoked brisket in Texas is probably wrong. People have been eating brisket since the first pits were dug in the earth, but only by a sort of default: it was standard practice to cook



YOU CAN GRILL A LOT MORE THAN JUST BEEF You can grill almost everything on the grill, only if you have the knowledge of the time and temperature required for each. The list could go on to include fruits, various

Why You Should Be Grilling With Mayonnaise


For many of us, summer doesn’t officially commence until we fire up the grill. This is the season of outdoor parties and cookouts, as those of us self-professed grill masters and weekend warriors deftly show off our live-fire cooking skills

11 Things Every Serious BBQ Lover Knows To Be True


1. Meat is the only vegetable you need. NBC / Via 2. “Too much sauce” is not a real thing. WWE / Via 3. No matter how seemingly ridiculous, every contraptionthat helps you make BBQ is worth owning. 4. There’s no such thing as

4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Brisket (But Should)


 Here are some fun (and useful!) facts you may not know. 1. It’s a Pec Muscle… Just like a toned body builder (sort of), a cow has hefty pectoral muscles, and that’s where brisket is cut from. The brisket generally weighs 12

10 Things You Need To Know About Prime Rib, America’s New Favorite Cut Of Beef


Even though it’s one of the most classic cuts, most of us know next to nothing about standing rib roast AKA prime rib. The New York Times recently wrote about a resurgence in the cut and how more and more restaurants

The 15 best BBQ restaurants in America, according to Yelp


It’s officially summer, which means grilling season is in full swing. But why not let someone else stand by the hot fire for you? So skip the burgers and hot dogs in your backyard for smoked ribs and brisket made by experts.

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