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Bourbon Brown Sugar Smoked Pork Loin


Oh my goodness – get your favorite bourbon and fire up the smoker, this is going to be great! The most swagalicious Pork Loin that you have every smoked is about to be reality after closely watching this video. It

10 Best Grill Recipes of 2015


2015 was great and we have seen some incredible recipes and concoctions for the grill and smoker come our way over the last year…that’s for sure!  So now its time to take a look at 10 of the best and most

Incredible Double Smoked Bacon Wrapped Ribs


This is one of those recipes where you ask yourself, “why haven’t I tried this sooner?  I know I did.  There is nothing which adds more flavor into your ribs then the incredible taste of bacon.  Can you imagine? Well now

Heavenly St. Louis Style Rib Recipe


Anytime is a great time for St. Louis Style ribs!  Our Boys are here to help you to start with a full rack of ribs from the butcher and properly trim (with a ‘saw all’, at times) and then mix

Extreme Steak: Wild And Crazy Ways To Get A Killer Sear


In my article on how to make great steakhouse steaks I discuss the importance of getting a good sear on the exterior and how to do it best. Here are four offbeat methods that work amazingly well: The Afterburner Method,

Holy Cow! The Whole Cow is on FIRE!


There is nothing quite like heading to an event where the BBQ Pit Masters will be smoking a whole cow.  You read that right, an entire moo cow!  With the addition of many pounds of meat comes some unique challenges.

Great Texas Brisket: Prepping & Smoking


Juicy, mouth watering smoked brisket cooked low and slow is the goal of everyone who enjoys smoking meat.  Here is a great video that shares all the details of trimming, seasoning and cooking a beautiful smoked brisket.  You can watch

Delicious Brisket Recipe to Die For


I’ll bet you got that smoker – or have turned your grill into a smoker – because you dreamed of making some mouth watering brisket of your own.  Am I right?  You know I’m right! Well, our boy, Franklin, is

The Big Green Egg and Beyond: The 10 Best Kamado Smokers and Grills

kamado-grills-primary (1)

[All photographs provided by manufacturers] Editor’s Note: Considering an upgrade in your backyard cooking setup this summer? You’re probably looking for a little advice. We’re longtime admirers of the folks behind, the site dedicated to unraveling the science of

Coffee-Rubbed Texas-Style Brisket

Coffee Rubbed Texan Brisket

This delicious Texas-style beef brisket features a coffee-based dry rub that adds deep, smoky flavor to the meat.A whole barbecue beef brisket is a huge clod of cow that can come off the pit almost black, looking more like a

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