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5 Common BBQ Mistakes You’re Making Right Now


It’s that time of year again — for friends and family to light up the grill, get out the coolers, and gather together for some good grub. While you may have been doing this every summer for years, did you

A Super Simple Guide to Cuts of Beef, Prices and How to Cook It [Infographic]


Sometimes, the slick names for the seemingly endless cuts of beef leave you befuddled at the grocery store. Your eyes dart from the top sirloin to the ribeye, wondering why one costs more than the other. Then, when you finally

14 Barbecue Hacks You Need To Know This Summer


By diyncrafts Barbecues can sometimes be a lot of work. It’s fairly easy to get food stuck on the grill, to make the hamburgers too dry, and even make a big mess with all the condiments and bags of chips. And

The Only BBQ Rub Cheat Sheet You’ll Ever Need


Making the perfect dry rub for your barbecue can get tricky sometimes. Thanks to SheKnows, we have 10 different dry rub recipes all in one easy guide. Whether you’re looking for a recipe to bring the heat or a sweet Carolina

5 Grilling Myths, Busted


1. Searing Steaks Seals In Juices Wrong. A steak is not like a water balloon. Instead, it’s comprised of tiny individual cells of moisture that that actually dry out the longer you grill it. That’s why you want to sear

Aaron Franklin Barbecue’s Secrets


Here again our hero, Aaron Franklin, takes to the national airwaves spreading the word of Brisket! His success is truly amazing given his roots in starting up.  This is a behind the scenes look at the smoking operations at Franklin’s

10 common BBQ mistakes that are ruining your grill game


By farmdrop Here’s a quick guide to some of the most common barbecue mistakes and how best to avoid them. Don’t let your barbecue come with a fire warning. Mistake 1: Using too much heat A great British barbecue means ‘the

Seven Things No One Ever Teaches You About Grilling


TV’s grilling expert offers barbecue techniques for how long to grill, how much to grill, and pretty much everything else you need to know for perfect meat this summer. 1. GET THE GRILL SCREAMING HOT For steaks, chops, and burgers,

9 ways you’re cooking your steak wrong


Few dishes compare to a hunk of juicy steak. And even fewer home-cooked steaks compare to those of yourlocal favorite steakhouse. From fridge to plate, there are a lot of little secrets steakhouse chefs employ. Thanks to executive chef Billy

How To Choose The Perfect Cut Of Beef


Horse meat is consumed around the world, people are eating more guinea pigs than ever before, and the pork industry is trying to re-market itself — but beef is what’s for dinner. Porterhouses, filet mignon, and strip steaks are staples

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