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Brisket Experiment: How Does the Time You Wrap Affect Your Brisket?


In this experiment I test how wrapping briskets at different times affects the final product in regards to flavor, tenderness, and moisture. Nice job on the video. Everyone should be able to make their own conclusions from that. There is no

Texas’ Best PitMaster Shares His Tips


  The following are great tips on how to cook BBQ brisket from legendary Pit Master Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, USA.  Of course, the tips are courtesy of Aaron himself. Franklin realized he wanted to cook

Why Should You Choose Butcher Paper for BBQ?


A most versatile complement in the BBQ setting is butcher paper. From serving to smoke roasting, butcher paper as a derivative of Kraft paper has multiple uses in the culinary setting. Choosing butcher paper for BBQ is a popular choice for those

14 of the Most Popular and Highest Rated Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipes Ever!


Sometimes all you need to enjoy phenomenal barbecue is a really spectacular sauce. So go beyond the bottle: Regardless of how much work you want to devote to making it, there’s a sauce suited to every set of tastebuds! If

How to Make BBQ Sauce from Scratch


Like hot sauces, salsa, and spice rubs, barbecue sauce is something of a spectacle in the culinary world. From mass produced favorites like Sweet Baby Ray’s to local recipes with limited availability, America’s barbecue sauces are either bland and laden

The Ultimate Meat Smoking Times And Temperature Guide


Here is one little secret which anyone who loves smoking their own meat should know. When you consider smoking any kind of meat what is most critical is the temperature at which you are going to smoke the meat. Even

This Ultimate Cheat Sheet Has Weights, Measures, Cuts of Meat, and More


Whether you need to know the part of the cow the brisket comes from, how many grams are in an ounce, how long to steam an artichoke, or how long fish keeps in the freezer, this graphic can tell you.

A Guide to Choose and Cook Various Cuts of Lamb


Sometimes we get confused with the culinary terms — Lamb Or Mutton. To set things right, here are the guides. To set things right, here are the guides. LAMB OR MUTTON? First off, ‘lamb’ is the meat of a sheep under

8 Secrets to the Perfect Brisket


Brisket is the summum of Texas barbecue and its popularity extends far beyond the Lone Star State. Food writers and pit masters like to mystify the process, making smoking a brisket sound as difficult as quantum physics. Well, I’m going to let

How to Cold Smoke Fish Primitive Preservation


Cold Smoking is an imprecise method of food preservation which aims at inhibiting microbial growth through temperature, humidity, and salinity manipulation. Complete inhibition of bacterial growth cannot be achieved without extreme heat, cold, and/or modern preservation methods. Botulism and numerous other

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