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This Ultimate Cheat Sheet Has Weights, Measures, Cuts of Meat, and More


Whether you need to know the part of the cow the brisket comes from, how many grams are in an ounce, how long to steam an artichoke, or how long fish keeps in the freezer, this graphic can tell you.

A Guide to Choose and Cook Various Cuts of Lamb


Sometimes we get confused with the culinary terms — Lamb Or Mutton. To set things right, here are the guides. To set things right, here are the guides. LAMB OR MUTTON? First off, ‘lamb’ is the meat of a sheep under

8 Secrets to the Perfect Brisket


Brisket is the summum of Texas barbecue and its popularity extends far beyond the Lone Star State. Food writers and pit masters like to mystify the process, making smoking a brisket sound as difficult as quantum physics. Well, I’m going to let

How to Cold Smoke Fish Primitive Preservation


Cold Smoking is an imprecise method of food preservation which aims at inhibiting microbial growth through temperature, humidity, and salinity manipulation. Complete inhibition of bacterial growth cannot be achieved without extreme heat, cold, and/or modern preservation methods. Botulism and numerous other

How to Select a Good Quality Beef Brisket


Some say pictures are worth a thousand words, and that videos are even better. In the case of this post on how to cook competition brisket, I think these videos do a bang up job. Check these out. Beef Carcass

Whole Smoked Ribeye | How to Smoke a Whole Ribeye?


THAT LOOKED AMAZING I BET IT TASTED AMAZING! This method takes a whole ribeye roast and smoke it on smoker or grill until it hits 128 internal. Then take this whole ribeye that you’ve smoked and let it rest. This

100 Different Beef, Pork And Lamb Cuts And How To Cook Them


Get yourself familiar with all the cuts of your favourite meats and learn the recommended methods to cook them with these useful graphics. For figuring out what to do with the random cut of beef that happened to be on



Bon Appetit deputy editor Andrew Knowlton spends 24 hours at Franklin Barbecue starting out at 6:00 am and meeting fans of the restaurant who have been waiting since 4:00 am to be the first in line. Working 24 Hours at

How To Pick The Perfect Cut Of Beef


Beef has been and always will be what’s for dinner. Porterhouses, filet mignon, and strip steaks are staples on restaurant menus and in grocery aisles. But there are some lesser-known cuts that are just as tasty and often less expensive.

Everything You Need To Know About Beef Cuts


Even if you are an avid meat eater navigating the world of beef can be intimidating. With so many beef cuts on the market – and each one requiring a specific cooking method – things can get a little confusing. To help

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