Learn The Secrets of Making Competition Level Brisket in Just 5 Easy Steps


Right from trimming out the fat to the rubs, injection and the smoking of course, get every step in detail. Here are the five easy steps that you need to follow:

1. First step is to trim out the extra layers of fat from the point end.

2. Next, you can go on with the rub. Also go ahead and inject it.

3. Next step is to rest the brisket on the smoker and keep the temp at 250 degrees with a mixture of cherry and apple smoke.

4. Vent the brisket after cooking for 3 hours,  then wrap with aluminum foil and place in a Dry Cooler with a towel wrapped over it.

5. Cut the point into 1” chunks to make the burnt ends.

Source : howtobbqright.com

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