Newest, Dumbest Internet Trend: The ‘Hot Coil Challenge’


It seems that each week there is a new craze going around the internet to grab the attention of people to do something stupid. The latest one is not only stupid, but it also means that people are left with scars for the rest of their life.

Latest Internet Craze Is Scarring For Life

In the past, we have seen internet challenges including the ice bucket challenge and eating a tablespoon of cinnamon and not choking on it. The latest craze to be seen online is no milder; in fact, it is one of the most dangerous of stunts to have ever appeared. It was only a couple of weeks ago when teenagers appeared online in videos eating Tide pods, the washing detergent in capsule form. Now there is a new one that is more dangerous, and it is the hot coil challenge.

A video was posted on YouTube showing just what the hot coil challenge entails, and it is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Just why anyone would challenge another person to undertake the challenge is beyond comprehension, but it seems that people are doing it.

Man Screams In Agony As Friend Says Its Pretty Cool

The video starts off innocently with a man showing his friend the hot coil of the cooker. In the video, it is revealed as glowing hot, and he is standing beside it. The man then clenches his fist into a ball and bends his arm promptly put his forearm down on the red-hot coil screaming as he does it. He lifts his arm up still screaming in agony, and his friend can be heard in the background saying that it is pretty cool. A burn mark can be clearly seen on the arm of the man before the video cuts off.

This is not a one-off as another video on YouTube also has the title of hot plate challenge. This video starts with the “Betbros” saying they are taking part in the challenge and are going to put their hands on the hot cooker ring. They talk about it making people famous but do say not to try it at home. In this case, it is an electric cooker, and they are seen timing each other as to how long they can keep their hand on the plate when it turned on. In this case both men take their hands off the cooker ring in seconds before their hands are severely burned; however, it is still a stupid thing to do.


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