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Heavenly St. Louis Style Rib Recipe


Anytime is a great time for St. Louis Style ribs!  Our Boys are here to help you to start with a full rack of ribs from the butcher and properly trim (with a ‘saw all’, at times) and then mix

Great Texas Brisket: Prepping & Smoking


Juicy, mouth watering smoked brisket cooked low and slow is the goal of everyone who enjoys smoking meat.  Here is a great video that shares all the details of trimming, seasoning and cooking a beautiful smoked brisket.  You can watch

Delicious Brisket Recipe to Die For


I’ll bet you got that smoker – or have turned your grill into a smoker – because you dreamed of making some mouth watering brisket of your own.  Am I right?  You know I’m right! Well, our boy, Franklin, is

The Big Green Egg and Beyond: The 10 Best Kamado Smokers and Grills

kamado-grills-primary (1)

[All photographs provided by manufacturers] Editor’s Note: Considering an upgrade in your backyard cooking setup this summer? You’re probably looking for a little advice. We’re longtime admirers of the folks behind AmazingRibs.com, the site dedicated to unraveling the science of

Coffee-Rubbed Texas-Style Brisket

Coffee Rubbed Texan Brisket

This delicious Texas-style beef brisket features a coffee-based dry rub that adds deep, smoky flavor to the meat.A whole barbecue beef brisket is a huge clod of cow that can come off the pit almost black, looking more like a

Smoking Competition Level Brisket and Burnt Ends


Want to smoke a brisket like the big boys do?  Go competition style and learn how you can slow smoke a beef brisket and make perfect burnt ends at the same time using your Smoker at home. (*Don’t have a

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