These Are The Best Cuts Of Steak To Grill

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You can’t just buy a hunk of meat, throw it on the grill and expect to eat a tasty feast. It could happen if luck is on your side, but if you buy the wrong cut of meat chances are you’ll end up with a tough, chewy meal that will feel a lot more like a waste of money than dinner.

Some cuts of meat are just tougher than others, and those tough cuts need a whole different kind of treatment.

Brisket, roasts and other tougher cuts can’t be thrown on a hot grill for a quick dinner ― those cuts need a low and slow cooking technique, to break down the tough muscle and fat. Tender cuts like flank, sirloin and ribeye are what you should look out for if you’re looking for a quickly grilled meal.

Check out the infographic below from our friends at, and get the right steak for your next grill out.

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